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Although Wilson was certainly a great supporter of the idea of an international organisation for peace, the League was in reality the result of a coming together of similar suggestions made during the First World War by a number of world statesmen.

The League depended on Britain and France to provide firm support in times of crisis. There are some really interesting parts to this topic, not least the Drift to War. When the Assembly first met in Novemberalmost all of the Allied Nations had joined the League.

In time, however, it became apparent that some of the terms of those peace treaties were harsh and unjust and needed amending. Inwhen it became clear that German demands would not be granted, Hitler withdrew Germany both from the conference and from the League of Nations.

To be effective, the League needed to include all the Great Powers and united action to deter any aggressor. In the following year, Yugoslavian troops withdrew from Albania when the League threatened to impose economic sanctions on Yugoslavia.

Russia was eventually expelled from the League after its attack on Finland in A cartoon from Punch, It was unable to stop any of the serious acts of aggression which took place in the inter-war period and this failure contributed to the outbreak of the Second World War.

Italy was one of the four permanent members of the Council and so the League trod carefully. Economic sanctions might include a refusal to ship essential materials to this nation or a total embargo on trade with it.

However, Japan rejected this and withdrew from the League in March Some nations like Germany and the USA were not involved. Article 16 expected member states to supply troops if necessary, a resolution was passed in that each member would decide for itself whether or not to fight a crisis.

It was moreover difficult to ensure decisive actions against any aggressor. However, it did not limit the number of other fighting ships, such as light cruisers, destroyers and submarines.

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A great 10 minute exercise in which students analyse the meaning of a famous photograph and realise that propaganda is not just the preserve of dictatorships This ensured that the League actually came into existence instead of merely remaining a topic for discussion.

The League had shown itself to be powerless if a strong nation decided to pursue an aggressive policy and invade its neighbours. It consisted of various officials who recorded and administered work and decisions of the League.

The added clauses to the agreements they signed, which allowed them to increase the number of their fighting ships if other powers did not observe the agreed limits. Article 16 of the Covenant of the League spelt out its powers:Edexcel, GCSE History: The Cold War 1.

The Cold War 91 History A: The Making of the Modern World.

History- Unit 1- International Relations

Unit 1 Peace and War: International Relations Sections Exam Board: Edexcel. 2. The Grand Alliance ( 45) • The Grand Alliance was made up of Britain, the USA and USSR only formed to defeat Hitler.

Edexcel GCSE History: International Relations

My Revision Notes: Edexcel GCSE () History: Superpower relations and the Cold War, –91 (Hodder GCSE History for Edexcel) Steve Waugh out of 5 stars 6Reviews: Resources for Edexcel Modern World History.

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Unit 1 Peace and War: International Relations – Section 1 Why did war break out? International rivalry – Section 2 The peace settlement: – Key Readings: Ben Walsh, GCSE Modern World History, sectionsand (Walsh).

See also R. Bunce, et al.

History- Unit 1- International Relations

Edexcel ICGSE Student Handbook, (Edexcel). John D. Clare sections on the Treaty of Versailles, the League of Nations and the Road to World War I. There are three key areas of knowledge and understanding you. Practice: When you've done a revision card, look through the exam question lists or exam papers to practice a question on that subject OR test yourself on what you have learned- cover your revision notes and note down what you can remember on that theme.

An international organization should be created to defend the independence of all states. NOTE: Points 1–5 were designed to promote better international relations.

Points 6–14 were designed to ensure freedom and self-determination for the nations and peoples (subject nationalities) of the world.

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Gcse history international relations notes
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